Hello, We are USpace.
The Private Network.

It’s impossible to explain the feeling you get sharing your first post on USpace. Leaving big tech behind forever in your personal and professional life is kind of a big deal. And it feels great.

The World’s Most Private Network

Welcome to a lifetime of total online privacy free of strangers, spying, app integration breaches, big tech data mining, profile targeting and all advertising. USpace is your private space exclusively for you and your inner circle. Our promise to you is that our company will never be an uninvited guest in your online life.

Advanced Permission Design

USpace’s Advanced Permission Design is leading the world in network privacy. We’ve replaced Silicon Valley’s casual use of your identity with airtight connection authentication that blocks everyone, and everything, you don’t want by default. Unwanted messaging from stalkers, bots, fake accounts, political groups, and random people can’t be prevented by any of the world’s top privacy apps like Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp, while APD completely eliminates every common privacy violation from your network, making your network a secure and private space from the start.

Get To Know Us

We are Unpublished Space LLC, an independently owned and operated business based in Atlanta, Georgia and we’ve got something important on our mind: Keeping your life online walled off from every possible big tech data intrusion while mindfully building the most intuitive and satisfying social network you have ever used in your life. If USpace isn’t the online space you want to keep your most important relationships, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Remove Toxins From Your Life

• Stay up-to-date quickly with your closest friends and family with your Universal Feed that delivers every new post, from every user, in every room you host or are a guest in. No more wasting time scrolling through your feed trying to find their posts or getting distracted by other content.

• Profile Status Updates allow you to be your real self among trusted friends and colleagues without resorting to phone calls, lengthy text chats or confusing email threads.

• Because your USpace Profile is accessible only to your Trusted Connections, fields for useful personal and work information can be safely filled in to maintain a permanent global directory for the most important people in your life.

• Bring your Trusted Connections closer with the option to add live links that connect directly to your online profiles on every major social media and technology platform in the world.

• Organize key group conversations in Trusted Rooms. Messaging apps like Facebook’s data-mined WhatsApp and Slack use a single thread where all topics are blended into a single discussion. USpace uses a more contemporary Post and Comment format that is easier to follow and popular on platforms like Facebook.

• Encrypted Global One to One Messaging: USpace isn’t just a social network, you can directly and securely message any Trusted Connection instantly across the world directly from the USpace app. All data on USpace is encrypted in transit and at rest.

No Uninvited Guests

Say goodbye to random tags, trolls, mobs, stalkers, facial recognition, drive by comments, political group messaging, third-party data sharing, profile targeting, cookie tracking, app tracking, browser spying, location tracking, and profile data mining.

If you thought of some other intrusive technology we didn’t list, we don’t have that either.

Also missing? All algorithm filters and advertisements. We filter none of your conversations, so you see a real-time chronological feed of all your USpace activity on your Universal Feed. We have no advertising, and will have no advertising, on the USpace platform. Our business model is based on users wanting to do things they choose to do, not on forcing ads into your personal space.

Say “Goodbye” to so much you’ll never miss. Say “Hello” to encryption at rest and from end to end, privacy, and an online social life without editing your thoughts for the masses.

Protect Your Life With USpace’s Advanced Permission Design

Every USpace user you are connected to can be verified with an email address you can confirm in real life. If you’re not connected, your profile information is invisible to anyone on, or off, the platform.

Safely travel and share your honest thoughts without threat of a break in from an unknown stranger or attack from an outrage mob. Develop business ideas and new creative projects secure in the knowledge your thoughts aren’t being watched.

There is so much you won’t miss when all that is left is direct, uninterrupted, private communication with the people who matter most in your life.

Reclaim your content and online life for yourself on Unpublished Space.

About The USpace App

USpace is a privately held network that is independently owned and operated; free of venture capital and publicly-traded shares; and walled-off from big tech and big data intrusions in every direction.

Our company has been built for a purpose: Data Stewardship and Personal Privacy. Hosting with independent servers is just one example of how we are going the extra mile to keep every possible risk and privacy violation out of Your Space.

Also available to users: www.Unpublished.Space, the web-based, mobile-optimized portal to USpace, accessible from the browser of any computer, tablet or smartphone all over the world.

Welcome To A Whole New World

You don’t need more obtrusive technology, you need technology that makes your life better. Welcome to a new platform built for the life you want to live, not the life computer algorithms want to impose on you. USpace is your home online, enabling you to live the way you choose to live in real life, privately. As we build upon our intuitive interface into an ever more innovative online world, we are guided by our Mission and our Terms of Service: We put people before technology. Every. Single. Time.

Welcome to USpace. Welcome to Your Space.

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How Facebook Rents Your Data


What is UG?  Uninvited Guests is what UG is.  Silicon Valley tech companies seem to agree to a strict code of basic offensiveness in their behavior toward everyone.  We don’t put up with people who don’t respect our boundaries in real life, so why do we put up with Uninvited Guests when they’re tech companies? 

Our Uninvited Guests like to brag about how they know who we are better than we know ourselves.

But they’re losing their iron grip on your private life, because you have already found a completely private alternative: USpace.  USpace is short for Unpublished Space LLC, the name of our Atlanta, Georgia company, and web portal unpublished.space.  We are a stand-alone private network that is independently owned and operated; completely free of venture capital and shareholders; and walled-off from big tech and big data intrusions in every direction.

We pay a premium for independently operated servers because when we host your online life on our platform, we need to control where your data sits.  Using Amazon Web Services would have made developing USpace for iOS, Android and Web over this past year easier and cheaper.  Using data-collecting third party apps controlled by other companies for development would have made our platform simpler to build and come standard with a clear path for us to sell your data to the highest bidder.  But we don’t partner with data gathering apps, and we contract our own dedicated servers, because our mission is to secure your data the same as we want it protected for ourselves.

We actually had our savvy DC privacy lawyer bill us additional hours to remove every carefully crafted data mining and tracking provision built in to his standard Privacy Policy.

Our company has been built for a purpose: Data Security and Personal Privacy.  Using independent severs is just one example of how we are going the extra mile, before we even start, to keep every possible risk and privacy violation out of Your Space.

And that’s not even the best news.  The best news is we plan to keep aggressively protecting your data from any unnecessary risk for as long as you want privacy online.

Can we stop Gmail from scanning your emails? No.  Can we stop data-mining on your WhatsApp for Facebook to use and across all their products? No.  Can we stop any app from recording your activity, your location, your browsing habits? No, we can’t.  But we can make an app that doesn’t do any of these things.

You don’t have to turn off any settings on USpace to stop us from location tracking, browser tracking, and data tracking because these functions do not exist on our platform.  Our platform is designed to be incapable of effectively tracking you.  USpace is configured across the board to be private.

Our company, Unpublished Space LLC, is happy to announce that we have created a very special technology space where all invasive, uninvited activity is “Off,” from this day forth.  Welcome to a place where you are treated as a person, not a natural resource to be mined.  A place that is private, encrypted, proactively secured.  A place where your life is always ‘Private by Default.”

Our Promise to You is that our company will never be an Uninvited Guest in your online life.

Welcome to USpace. Welcome to Your Space.

Asking Our Lawyer To Remove Data Mining Provisions At Our Expense

It is our job to make better tools for private communications.


It is our job to protect your personal space.


It is our job to make your data available to you in accessible forms.


It is our job to protect your data from external threats.


It is our job to keep your data secure on the platform.


It is our job to tell you what we are doing.


It is our job to fight nefarious and criminal activity.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are in the USpace app signup. Detailed Mission & Values, Press and Support information are in the USpace app administrative menu.