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Tap.Space User Support Knowledge Base
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USpace is the inverse of what you’re used to on published media sites, and you’re looking for answers before you commit to a new social network.

USpace has dumped the publishing, data mining, spying, algorithms and ads you don’t want in your social network, but you need to know how USpace works before using it.

This is an important question that any informed user wants answered. That’s why we made Tap.Space, a database dedicate to answering this and other questions that will come up as you start using USpace.

A social network designed for privacy is a new concept, so we’re all on a learning curve together! Because USpace is SO different than the social publishing networks we are used to using, tap.space has critical information everyone needs.

You need to know what to expect, things like:

  • How to connect with people
  • Who can see what
  • How USpace is different from your current default publishing network

Today Unpublished Space announces the launch of a new resource just for our Users that answers a lot of your questions.

Use Tap.Space to see what USpace is all about before you start using it. To discover answers to questions you have once you get on the platform. And to get answers and provide feedback about what you want to see on USpace.

You can even help decide what will come next! The VFF (Vote For Features) allows you to vote (no login required) on upcoming features to help us decide which ones to prioritize for the upcoming iteration of USpace in early 2019!

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