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Unpublished Space Galaxy Logo Behind Apple Logo
USpace Submits Appeal To Apple Rejecting Social Media Rules

On September 26, Apple ruled that USpace must have features in place that are native to popular media publishing platforms like Facebook.

You can read more about their ruling here.

USpace has rejected the claim that the Unpublished Space network, for which Apple iOS is one of three portals users can use to enter Unpublished Space, is a platform that should be regulated by Apple in the same manner.

USpace filed its appeal Friday, September 28, 2018. As of this writing on Sunday, October 7, Apple has been reviewing USpace’s appeal for over nine (9) full days. In a Saturday, October 6 reply to a Friday, October 5 follow up USpace made with Apple, Apple confirmed that USpace is still in review.

The core of USpace’s appeal to Apple is that USpace has been mistaken in Apple’s review process for a media publishing platform. Here is an excerpt from USpace’s appeal explaining the difference between USpace and publishing platforms.

While in appearance USpace may look like a social media app, in terms of publishing capacity, USpace has more in common, and even less media and publishing functionality, than a private messaging service such as WhatsApp.

First off, we do not allow publishing to any broad audience whatsoever, in any instance. While a single post to Friends of Friends on Facebook for example could include an audience of a 100,000 people, the largest audience ANY single post would support on USpace would be 50 people, our cap for the number of people who can occupy a single Private Room. Likewise there are no publishing entities such as Pages on the platform that would have access to a broad base of users.

While USpace is a social network, it is very specifically NOT a publishing or media platform. USpace’s commitment to providing an environment free of media content intended to manipulate or trigger a broad swath of users is so strong that our name is derived from it: USpace is short for our business name, Unpublished Space LLC.

As soon as Apple responds, we will post their response here to USpace Media Center Updates (blog.unpublished.space/blog) and on USpace’s Official Announcements Feed @unpublishedspace on Instagram.

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