Apple's Terms Require Apps To Censor Apple Customer Content Before It Is Even Posted
Apple's Terms Require Apps To Censor Apple Customer Content Before It Is Even Posted
Apple Rejects USpace For Not Having Social Media Functions

Apple has rejected the USpace app built specifically for users of Apple’s popular iOS, the operating system that supports iPhones and iPad devices.

Apple rejected USpace on the grounds it does not have functions such as scanning user posts and filtering legal user content before it is posted, a mechanism that would be required to fulfill Apple’s demand that “a method for filtering objectionable content” must be put in place before USpace is released to Apple customers.

According to USpace, Apple’s demand means that in order to provide service to 18 and over Apple customers, Apple would force Unpublished Space to intercept all private user data before it is posted and have USpace reject private legal user content that does not comply with Apple’s standards of expression.

Apple’s requirement would permit only content that is acceptable to Apple to be posted to USpace users’ private, unpublished discussions.

By contrast, Google approved the USpace app for Android on September 19, 2018, with their review process being completed within a day.

USpace is the app built by Unpublished Space LLC that is the Android and iOS portal to the new private social network Unpublished Space.

More information and the latest news about the USpace app is published at the USpace Media Center,

Update October 7, 2018: Apple has had USpace in review since September 20 and has been so far silent on an appeal submitted to the Apple Connect portal by USpace on September 28 in reference to Apple’s September 26 rejection of USpace.