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Sure, we use technology to do our job. Who doesn’t these days? If you want to do anything, technology is involved. We want to make your work and social life a lot better, a lot less toxic and a lot more secure. A place where you can be yourself online like you are at a private dinner party and work on your valued creative and business projects knowing you have authentic privacy, not big tech spying.

Welcome to a lifetime of total online privacy free of strangers, spying, app integration breaches, big tech data mining, targeting and all advertising. USpace is your private space exclusively for you and your inner circle. Our promise to you is that our company will never be an uninvited guest in your online life.

31 Jan: USpace Exclusive: Facebook Sold $301.48 of Access to your Personal Data and News Feed since 2015, Will Sell Over 3X that in next Four Years

Yesterday’s Q4 2018 earnings report shows Facebook has raked in an average of over $300 per US/Canada user selling access to your data and your News Feed since January 1, 2015.

Facebook publicly publishes a quarterly report showing “average revenue per user” or ARPU.

29 Jan: USpace Exclusive: How Facebook Rents Your Data

Mark Zuckerberg wants to clear something up: Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t “sell” your personal data. I want to clear something up: Mark Zuckerberg owns your data like a hotel room and rents out “Hotel You” by the hour, day or month to anyone in the world for cold hard cash.

Selling the rights to use a property for a period of time actually is a type of sale, but it’s more commonly called ‘renting.’ The property is you and your landlord is Mark Zuckerberg until you walk away.

31 Dec: Publishing Our Lives To Death

Social media catches a lot of flack, and rightfully so, but it surprises me that very few people seem to understand what’s wrong with it at a root level. It seems obvious to me. It’s right there in the name. Social media. Social networks have been a fixture of the human experience since the dawn of civilization. A social network is just a collection of people with which we communicate. The problems come from technology companies taking our ordinary social communication, and turning those communications into media. And they did it for the money.